A giveaway like no other

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year but it was also the hardest time for me during different seasons in my life; specifically during singleness and infertility. As I was thinking back to where I was this time last year, having just walked through a failed adoption, completely heartbroken. I decided I wanted to do something during this advent season to give others a little bit of encouragement and hope. My mom always says everyone should “be seen.” As you know I LOVE to recommend books that have brought me comfort and truth. So during the month of December I will be giving away several books, (*amount will be determined by the response I receive) to someone who could use it. I will post the books on my Instagram and if you know someone, or maybe its you…Please leave a comment, tag that person, or DM me letting me know and I will select someone to send the book to! I hope this Christmas you feel the love of your Heavenly Father like never before. Merry Christmas! Jessica

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