The Waiting

On July 29th Mack and I were officially home study approved! With this great news we said goodbye to a season of paperwork and to-dos and entered into a season of waiting. With great excitement we celebrated this huge milestone and, with much anticipation, we wait to be matched.

Immediately after being approved we started receiving profiles of potential birthmothers. With each profile we receive, we are given about 24 hours to in one case an hour to decide if we want our profile book shown. Mack and I are doing our best to navigate through this process faithfully and with confidence, knowing God is not going to get this wrong.

Currently, we have shown our profile to three birthmothers, but as it turned out, those were not our babies. As we wait for more profiles, my hope and prayer is that I will continue to grow strong in my weakness. I am learning in this season to rest and be present, to have grace for others when I hear comments that make me cringe (but that’s another blog post 🙂 ), and to keep moving forward in faith.

Because we could get matched at any moment, we are trying to balance preparing as if it will happen tomorrow, while not putting our lives on hold. Months ago we started planning a trip with my extended family to 30A, not knowing if it would be just the two of us or three of us. Currently, I am sitting on the porch of our beach house, dodging the love bugs, with the ocean in front of me. It’s hard not to feel God’s presence all around me. I am grateful for this time to rest, something I am not good at. Being here has also forced me to stop “doing” and just being present.

Mack and I continue to be blown away by the love and support we have received. Because so much of what God is currently doing is unseen, the most tangible part of our validation comes from all of you: our friends and family, and even people we have yet to meet. We decided to start the crowd-funding page to help with the expenses. What God has done through the funding was something we were not expecting. To date, we have paid $10,800 in adoption fees, and what you don’t know but should know, is that with your generosity we have raised $10,560, almost the full amount we have paid thus far. This in itself is evidence that God is involved and cares about every step of our journey. So thank you for allowing God to use you to bring us such encouragement. And remember, “Our story includes you.”

Until we are matched I will continue to dream about what our baby will be like. I will imagine holding them, looking into their eyes, whispering in their little ears, you were chosen, you are loved, you are mine.

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