Our Adoption Journey

They won’t have our eyes, but they will have our hearts.

We can’t believe the day has finally arrived. Our home visit and our final action item for our adoption is upon us. At 3:30 tomorrow we will meet with our precious social worker at our house.

For the past couple of months Mack and I have been busy completing paperwork, attending training classes, getting CPR certified, having physicals done, reading books and preparing our adoption profile book.

Adoption has been on our hearts even before Mack and I met. We both felt the Lord placed this desire in our hearts and at the time we didn’t know what that would mean for us. When the infertility came to a crossroad, IVF or adoption, we both knew this was the path for us. We never wanted adoption to be our plan B. We intentionally met with couples we love, who have adopted, to hear their personal journeys. After meeting with them we knew 100% this was where God was leading us. After our first meeting, we both woke up the following morning with the biggest smiles on our face.  For the first time I could say confidently, “I am going to be a mom.”

In January we attended an orientation meeting for the agency of our choice. In God’s awesome plan another couple we know happened to be attending the meeting as well. We have been able to go on this journey with them over the past couple of months. Last night we sat across from them at dinner.  We shared in the excitement that one day very soon we will be able to have playdates with our babies.

In July, Mack and I will be added to the waiting list. We are adopting an infant domestically. Our hearts are filled with peace and excitement for these next couples of months. This journey is not easy however, we know we have 100% chance of getting the baby God has planned for us.

If you are interested in helping us with our adoption journey please check out our You Caring page.

Help us bring our little one home through #domesticadoption at http://youcaring.com/kitcheladventure

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy.” Proverbs 13:12

With much love, Mack and Jessica

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