Our home sweet home remodel

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If you caught our episode of House Hunters, which aired back in April, you would have seen an outdated home from the 70s. The living room and kitchen were both very dark and closed off. Our vision for this space was to open it up, draw in natural sunlight by adding additional windows, and create a space that was cozy and welcoming.

We picked this house because of its ideal location, walking distance to Canton Street, and fairly large lot.

Although this house was very outdated, it was “born pretty” and with a little help its true potential was revealed.

Designer: Linen & Flax Home

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Our kitchen is one of my favorite rooms. I wanted a big farm kitchen that could be our hub for entertaining. We opted out of using a subway tile backsplash and went with a vertical wood paneling to tie in more of the farm house look we were going for.

Contractor and designer: Renew Properties 

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We added shiplap to the front foyer and hall. We went with dove white for the walls and agreeable gray for the doors.

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Mack built this headboard from scrap wood, from an old deck, in our first home. It made the perfect headboard for our guest room.

I am so grateful for this home and all the memories we have made thus far. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.

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